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    Any special work for household moulds ?

    we can making all kinds of households with and without drawings . special for wiper cover mould need to scan product , after calculate all point and connect with all of them , after then made product 2D/3D to show customer confirm for mould structure , in the surface, we need to consider and design

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    what about the Innovation Mould Proccess with your factory ?

    Firstly , we will scan and making 2D drawing after we received the original samples from customer ; once confirm the drawing with customer then we will make complete 3D mould structure ( special for automative parts mould ,we will make the flow ), above are main step for whole proccess .

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    Exhibition information

    has china Plastic Exhibition in Shanghai ,Hongqiao , China . Booth NO. : 7-E67

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    welcome to visit our websit for start future business .

    Our factory OEM all kinds of injection plastic moulds , such as household mould ,kitech mould, home applience mould ,automative parts mould and preform & cap & bottle mould and so on . Precision CNC technology with more experience managers. Right now we are working with all over the world ,like Asi

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    Taizhou green mould plast co.,Ltd.

    Taizhou green mould plast co.,Ltd. has been committed to providing innovative, high-quality and efficient quality and after-sales service for the plastic mold industry since its establishment. The main core scope of the company is a professional mold manufacturing and processing factory integrating

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